Our food

We take pride in delivering you the highest quality sourced food using the tastiest recipes passed down from generations to meet all the desires you have for your event. Our authentic indian food ranges from our range of fresh flat breads, to delicious spring rolls and punjabi samosas, to our carefully crafted sweet desserts.

Rohan Kumar Food offer a range of catering we hope you would love, below we have displayed and described some of our most popular menu items.


Mild and slightly nutty taste of a classic plain flatbread but with a hint of milkiness and zesty tang


Tradition Indian flatbread that goes great with many other dishes we serve, so always a popular choice for any event


One of the best unleavened Indian flatbread made with whole wheat. Our Delicious, flaky, Paratha recipe is perfect for you to enjoy

Papri Chaat

A perfect spicy, sweet, and tangy snack. With all this, its a delicious snack to make any event perfect

Spinach & feta Rolls

The subtle taste of spinach and creaminess of the feta is a great combination. Wrapped in a delicate pastry, this is a popular choice

Spring Rolls

Simple but tasty pastry filled withe streamed vegetable is a right choice for any occasion

Punjabi Samosas

Our samosas remarkable brittle crust and soft potatoes laced with steamed vegetables are one of out most popular items

Mithi Seedni

A great snack for the event you desire, Mithi Seedni is a fantastic choice

Ras Malai

A rich, creamy, and sweet taste, this could be a very special dessert for your event

Gulab jamun

Traditional Indian dessert of fried dough balls that are soaked in a sweet, sticky sugar syrup


One of the most popular Indian sweet made with Besan (gram flour), ghee and sugar. It makes the perfect treat for any occasion


A dessert consisting of a thick, creamy filling of cheese, and sugar over a thin crust 

Any questions

Now that you have seen some of our menu, if you have any questions or special request. Please get in touch with us, a member of our team will be happy to help